Tuesday, 19 November 2013

built-in beds in small spaces

boy room from house of Ulrika Lundgren

Some times having a small space can be very inspiring. 
Do you see how little this 2 rooms are, and how wonderfully the space is being used? 
The beds are lifted from the ground, making a perfect storage under. The examples I would like to show you, are very clean and simple. You can make the construction from plywood and paint it afterwards. The only negative part is, you can't move it afterwords ;-) The windows are giving so much light and make a perfect place to hang out, don't you think ? 
The last bed is designed by an architect Guilherme Torres and made especially for this room. It is sort of platform for putting two mattresses for kids. Small drawers under are so perfect to use and organized the room well. 

built-in beds in small space
smart storage under bed

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