Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Rafa-kids is GROWING

bunk bed whitewash

Rafa-kids is GROWING FAST
At the moment almost all of our beds are sold out. 
Especially the WHITE Rafa-kids collection is very popular. 
The factory is almost ready with new delivery, which we are going to welcome in the studio in about a week. Some of the beds are not getting back to stock. Our F bunk bed whitewash is already sold out for pre-orders. I'm very sorry for all customers who are waiting for it and would like to make an order in September. The toddlers are also running out very fast, and I have only few left for you. 

You wonder what's going on? 
We placed an order at our factory clearing the material they had in the warehouses reserved for our beds. 
We have to order new stock of our beautiful Finnish plywood again and double our production. Unfortunately this will take a bit more time than usual. The new beds will be ready around the beginning of December
It is definitely a BIG GROWING UP moment for our brand, and I'm very happy it is happening.....