Friday 13 September 2013

modern Japanese house by taro architects

taro architects project
taro architects

If it comes to architecture, my architect's heart fly very easily to Japan. 
I've never visited the country, but since study times, I was spending hours to analyze floor plans of houses and adoring japanese design. There is not much space to build and that's why you can see such a interesting ways of playing with the space.  Can you imagine that the floor area of this house is only 95m2? It feels so open and full of air, doesn't it? 

Japan has a long tradition in craftsmanship. In this house instead of walls, the furniture plays role of the place dividers. Even the stars are hidden inside a cupboard!  Can you see the low side-table which is also the first step of the stairs? This makes my hear bit faster! Amazingly beautiful. And the old church chairs, with a small pocket details at the back. The table is just hanging above the stairs, to utilize the space as much as possible. In this house you see not only respect for space and functionality but also such a big love for natural beauty of wood. I could really move into this house, straight away. 
 I wish you a nice week - end

house in japan taro architects
Photo's Koichi Torimura  via: designboom