Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Rafa-kids furniture for kids in colors - coming soon

We are so exited to tell you, that soon our Rafa-kids set of F&R beds 
are going to be available in two new colors : white wash and dark chocolate. 

We like a lot the pure birch color but we think its great to give some more option for people which are not such a big lovers of natural wood color. I do like the dark bed a lot, I could even do the black one, the graphic lines of the beds are becoming so visual and strong. The white version is more delicate and elegant. We will use stain so the wood texture remains visible.  I will be happy to hear your opinion!  I think both beds are getting something extra with the colors, and I hope people will like it, as much as we do.  

Please contact us, if you would like to now more about the availability at info@rafa-kids.com 

The photo session for the beds is planed in our new studio in Spring , yeeee!