Thursday, 14 February 2013

Rafa-kids at ELLE Decoration

Yesterday morning I ran to a local store to pick up new ELLE DECORATION 1/2013

What a great surprise to find this very beautiful styling article made by Mirella Sahetapy! I haven't seen this picture before!  It is so interesting to discover Rafa-kids beds through photographer's eye. I have liked work of Mirella Sahetapy already for some time, so its a honor to got this photo made by her. 

The article title is " All day sweet ", 
very original way of looking at children products and the chosen colors are just stunning for me. 
Do you like it ? 

 " Quiet pastels and natural tones, with just enough color to make it exciting - 
the new generation of children's furniture does not like screamy fuss" .

Rafa - kids beds at ELLE DECORATION 1/2013 styling/photography Mirella Sahetapy