Friday, 16 March 2012

this week I was reading....

the new VTwonnen and Elle Decoration are out! I really love the new working studio of Kiki en Joost in big factory in Eindhoven ( 1100m2 wow !) 

the beautifully refurbished house of Sophie van Westrenen from Rotterdam. The big staircase and shelfs for books had to be placed through the roof! And the working corner with the industrial desk from Lloyd van Funcionals - looks so inviting! ;-) 

The book " How they work " by Inga Powilleit & Tatjana Quax is now on spacial offer by  010publisher. ( from 39.50e - for 19.50e ) its not a new one - but definitely worth look reading. The way the work of designers/artists is shown in this book its really amazing…you are just drawn into it. I almost feel like I'm there touching all the details and feel the atmosphere! So inspiring! 

I wish you a good weekend!