Wednesday, 14 March 2012


What a pity the book WERELDETERS is only in Dutch! Marjolein de Vlaam got this amazing idea of introducing to her kids the kitchen from around the world! She had enough  complains from kids during the eating time. So now you got a passport and you are invited to join! ;-) The concept is simple - choose some simple recipe from a certain country, collect few funny, simple stories ( depends on the age of a child), which you will tell your kids starting the dinner. Marjolein is sure it works! The concept was tested by other moms and kids. Of course you will not do it every day but make a special day from time to time. I love the idea and we are going to try it for sure! The book is full of beautiful photos, great inspirations and tips. Eet smakkelijk!  ;-)

 You can buy the book here wereldeters-shop - 2 passports and stickers are included!