Sunday, 19 February 2012

Kids app - Het Lettercircus

Would you like your child to learn alphabet in a playful way? Is he/she about 5 years old and getting interested and recognizing letters all around? Then maybe this is great app for you. We discovered Het Lettercircus from Rian Visser this weekend and my son just loves it! Unfortunately its only available in Dutch! Rian Visser wrote the story of the letter circus when her son was five years old. He discovered that many items look like letters, and they both started searching….banana looking like C ? or some apple skin like later e ?  In the book Fien lives with her father Joe in a caravan in the dunes. Together they will go to discover the fascinating word of letters. There are characters hidden in all the drawings that your child will have to discover. The letters make a sound when clicked. Mark Janssen made the beautiful drawings of the letter circus. First he drew everything on paper and then turned it into colored the digital image. Its just a great app !  ;-) 
  you can find the app here : app/het-lettercircus/

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