Thursday 23 February 2012

Awards for the Polish Books

 Gosia Gurowska
Anna Niemierko
Monika Hanulak
Marta Ignerska

Few days ago a Polish illustrator Marta Ignerska won a Bologna Children Book Fair Award in the category Non fiction . Wowowow ! The book "Wszystko gra" written by Anna Czerwinska-Rydel  is about music and instruments with an amazing graphic illustrations - You can see this book on Marta's site here : . All story started with Magda Kłos-Podsiadło and Bożena Samojluk-Ślusarską , two women who 3 years ago established publishing company called Wytwórnia. They want to bring something different to the polish market, something ambitious with a high quality illustrations. They were already in Bologna for their book " Tuwim " illustrated by the 7 young artists from the new generation. That's not all! Book " Pampilio" Ireny Tuwim illustrated by Monika Hanulak got also awarded with the "Best Book Design From All Over the World 2012 " from Stiftung Buchkunst/Book Art Foundation in Frankfurt. Don't you think its really impressive ? Congratulations! I cross my fingers for even more amazing books made in Poland !