Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Upon a Fold - paper heaven from Japan

' Junzo Terada, a Japanese illustrator and designer, is the creator of this fun collection of illustrated animal sculptures. His Magical Menagerie includes 20 different animals, each beautifully illustrated by Junzo, and ready to be popped out and slotted together – no scissors or glue required! .'

I came across this amazing australian based web shop, and I just couldn't  leave it! It is a heaven for people who love paper and Japanese design. Justine, (the owner of the shop) is  a graphic designer, and has a great passion for paper and collecting  paper goodness mainly from Japan. She said: 
' I’m still busy cutting, folding and finding inspiration from paper artists and engineers. Whenever I come across a beautiful object made of paper I wish I had a place to put it on show for all to see and enjoy. So, ta-da, 
here it is… Upon a Fold.'