Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Inspiration - Maria Modeira- kase-fazshop

What do you think about an idea, to put a bag on the wall, instead of a painting or a drawing? When I saw the work of a Maria Modeira, from Portugal, I thought: this bag I will not cary, its just too beautiful! For me she is painting through her sawing machine. I really like the way she is putting the patterns and colors together. It looks so light and bright. Don't you think, it can be a beautiful inspiration for the pillows and patchwork  for some children room? I found her on kickcanandconkers blog , (with data:2009 ). How great has Maria Modeira, developed her talent through this 2 years! More of her work here :kase-fazshop

All materials from Maria Modeira site, with her permission .