Rafa-kids is a blog run by Agata Seredyn. 

I am a polish architect living in Rotterdam ( The Netherlands) 
That's why you will find many inspirations from both cultures on my blog. 
I am a mother of two boys Franek ( 2006) & Robert ( 2010) and a wife of my study love also architect and photographer Arek. Rafa-kids blog name comes from the first letters of all our family members. 

On this blog I collect things I find specal and unique - mostly related with children. I really like modern design for kids, decor, toys, books, art and crafts. But there is much more I find inspiring! Somethimes I am sharing here moments from my life, my own designs and ideas. 

In Spring 2012 Rafa-kids brand was born.

We are designing modern furniture for children and much more! 

Simply - design to play!

Thank you for stoping by. 

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