Wednesday 6 December 2017

Room for siblings with F&A bed set

Rafa-kids F&A bed set

Did you like our Autumn session with Rafa-kids A teen bed? We are coming back to you with even more inspiration in a similar atmosphere. For the first time, we've set our Rafa-kids F&A bed set in two different wood fishes. I think they look stunning and even more playful than the beds in the same tone. This way you can create a separate atmosphere on the upper and lower bed. 

If one child has the F&A bed set, the lower A teen bed can be used for lying, sitting or chilling out during the day and the upper part is only for sleeping, ( you don’t need to make the bed each day then!) and of course, it can be used for sleepovers. Many of our customers ask what is the difference between the whitewash and natural wood finish. I hope you can see on the pictures, that the whitewash has a warm tone but the wooden structure is hardly visible, and the wood fish has a structure of wood more present. You can see it so well on the last picture with Rafa-kids BB bench 120cm

Rafa-kids F&A bed set
LuckyBoySunday at Rafa-kids

Rafa-kids also collected plenty of beautiful new accessories. Please welcome the cutest ever Mini Birdie from LuckyBoySunday, playful Felt Balls, and new Nomad Cushions. I also found this lovely Corona wool blanket which is so light and warm at the same time.  We are also a bit obsessed at Rafa-kids with the mustard color at the moment, and that’s why we have now in our collection this beautiful Mustard Bedding set. Last but not least, our storage is filled with plenty of new felt baskets….in White, Soft Pink and Yellow!  We like winter season with a bit of bright and colorful touch. 

Rafa-kids BB bench 120cm in kids room
Rafa-kids colelction

Blanket Corona with pillow from Rafa-kids collection 

BB bench Rafa-kids