Thursday, 9 November 2017

Rafa-kids design in residence house in NY

Residence house in NY

Residence house in NY
Residence house in NY
Residence house in NY

Today we go very far away to see a weekend home for a family of six. Why? We spotted Rafa-kids design in kids’ room and we are glad to show it to you! 
First a bit about this modern place designed around family gatherings both large and small. 

“ …. The idea was to curate an environment that reflected a simpler life outside of New York City, with furnishings that align with the natural surroundings and feel right all year long. The house is in a quiet town in the Hamptons, close to town as well as to the beach. (…) clients wanted a house just large enough to accommodate their extended family and friends in a comfortable, cozy way…”  

I can directly see that the interiors are warm and functional, with ‘less is more’ idea in mind and every object fits perfectly and feels just right. Many of the pieces were custom made and carefully sourced from small furniture makers. Yes, we are one of them! If you look carefully into the children’s room, you will spot our S shelves perfectly accommodated above the kid's beds. The use of the wallpaper is very dominant in this room, but I’m sure the kids love their sea theme atmosphere. You can find more about this project here: with a special thank you:  Styling Katja Greef and Photography Nicole Franzen.

Pictures via: ronenlev - project
Night shelf next to child bed -Rafa-kids design
Sleeping corner with Rafa-kids design
Rafa-kids S shelf
Rafa-kids XL shelf