Sunday, 16 July 2017

Room for siblings & Rafa-kids beds

Rafa-kids family

Today we are all here - RAFA family. 
Do you know that the name RAFA comes from the first letters of our names?  
Robert - Agata - Frank and Arek. 

We started our brand with the design of 2 beds - F bunk bed and R toddler bed. It was something that we needed for our boys at that time. Two boys who shared a single room. Time flies and the kids grow, right?  In the mean time, our customers also started to ask for a larger bed which could fit under the Rafa bunk bed. We listened. The 200cm long A teen bed was a great new addition to the family. However, the questions about even a larger bed did not stop coming. We listened again. A120 wide bed, which you can fit under the F bunk bed was born - I am afraid it is not the end of this story, as we started to get requests for a bed for parents !!! ….we still don't know which way we will grow...but the customers are right most of the time!   

It is the last post this month as we are taking a Summer break and will be not around until mid - August. Our boys will need to go back to school late August, and then life and work will run as usual. We are truly a family brand and live with the rhythm of our two little monkeys. 
We wish you well and hope for great Summer days. 

Rafa-kids A120 bed  + M shelf
Rafa-kids A120 bed  + M shelf
Rafa-kids M shelf and B bench
Rafa-kids F&A120 set