Friday, 30 December 2016

Rafa-kids - 2016 - Thank you

F&A bed set White - Rafa-kids
F&A bed set White - Rafa-kids

The year 2016 is going to end soon.  It was a wonderful year for our brand and we are so exited,
to come back and see again some of  Rafa-kids favourite moments. 
We started a new year in WHITE, clean and stylish way. 

After a great success of  R toddler bed in limited WHITE edition in 2015, it was time to introduce this finish to the rest of the collection. The new white collection is absolutely stunning. We don’t quite understand why we waited so long to do it! 
Actus store - Japan
Rafa-kids at Actus store - Japan

In April, Rafa-kids packed not only suitcases but our hearts and flew to Japan. 
We finally had chance to see stores of our Japanese partner Actus and spent a wonderful time in this magic country. It was a dream trip and you can read about it HERE, HERE and HERE

Rafa-kids bed set at Actus store - Japan
Rafa-kids bed set at Actus store - Japan

Just before Summer break Rafa-kids was glad to present NEW family members
  B bench and BB bench

We created this bench as an addition to our Rafa-kids F bunk bed. Fitting exactly between the ladder legs as a new siting/reading possibility for children. But of course this little bench can also be explored and used free standing in so many ways around the house. 

Rafa-kids Benches collection
Rafa-kids Bench at Inside Out Magazine styling Jessica  Hanson

The minimalistic and elegant Benches received such a wonderful welcome and were almost straight away sent for few very exited photo shoots. One of them was Zara Mini Winter-Campainge and a publication in Australia’s Inside Out Magazine. This amazing Ballet girl’s room was created by Jessica Hanson and Sam Mcadam-Coopper. Could we asked for more ? 

Rafa-kids shelves collection
Rafa-kids L shelf

designed by Asia Gwis - Kawka

K desk Rafa-kids Makii wall stickers - styling created by Cynthia Schrijver.

Rafa-kids loves to collaborate with other creatives and see our furniture in well curated spaces and campaigns. The K desk was used for a photoshoot campaign of Makii brand offering Playful wall stickers for children. It’s also a brand from Rotterdam, so it is so nice to support our local collagues. 
Styling was created by Cynthia Schrijver. 

K desk Rafa-kids in black for Brabantia by Studioaandacht
K desk Rafa-kids in black for Brabantia by Studioaandacht

And what do you think about our K desk in black with Brabantia minimalistic bin ? 
  We are so proud to be selected for this pictures as we adore the work of  Studioaandacht

Rafa-kids studio in Rotterdam

In September Rafa-kids studio opened doors for public for the first time. It was great to welcome and talk with people who normally pass by every day and never have a chance to meet us.  Normally our studio is only open on appointment, as we use it mostly as a creative space, where we make photo sessions and dream up new designs. It was a nice experience, which we need to do more often in 2017.   

Rafa-kids warehouse

One of the biggest steps Rafa-kids made in 2016 was the decision to enlarge our stock and move it to a professional warehouse helping us since than to ship the orders. After the Summer we could finally say that we have ALL OUR FURNITURE directly available and delivered worldwide within a week time.

Rafa-kids A teen bed 120 cm wide
A teen bed from Rafa-kids

Our customers kept asking us about a bigger size of our classic A teen bed. We had doubts if this elegant, simple design will look good in a wider version, but we are so glad we did it at the end. Now we have 3 sizes of A teen bed - narrow A teen bed fitting under F bunk bed, a standard 90cm and wide 120cm bed. Now our customers can always find something suited to their specific needs. 

Rafa-kids photo session in they studio in Rotterdam
Rafa-kids white furniture collection - shelf and bench

and we are ending the year in White mood as we started it….
Please welcome White Benches and Shelves. The white furniture is such a good base for modern interiors. We like so much to imagine children’s rooms with different sets to inspire our customers and to show how playful our collection is. 
Rafa-kids thank you post 2016
We would like to Thank you for all your support and being with us

Rafa-kids is growing each year and this journey is such an amazing experience. 
In 2017 we will celebrate 5th anniversary and we will do it in a special way - we promise.
We have many exiting plans and we are ready to bring you new adventures and new dreams! 

Rafa-kids creative directors
Rafa-kids creative directors

If you didn’t have chance to see us before - it’s us - Agata and Arek and our boys Frank and Robert. 

We are captured here at our home by photographer Nicoline Rodenburg. She makes reportages for Blijwonen Blog which features creative people living in Rotterdam.  We took part in an little interview by Priscilla de Putter, which you can read HERE.  The girls are working also on a book, which maybe will be realised next year. Fingers crossed. 

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