Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Cosy corner for siblings

Rafa-kids M shelf in the girls room
Sharing a room - Rafa-kids F&A bed set

Today we are crawling under Rafa-kids bunk bed ….
 it’s a cosy and comfortable little corner for a little girl or two girls sharing a room …
or friends coming over to play and sleep….try to imagine all the possibilities!  

If children share a single room, putting two - one persons’ beds in it, can be not an easy task if we do not have a lot of space. Rafa-kids thought about it.  That’s why we’ve created F & A beds. Each bed can be set apart in the room or put in different positions together. We have so much fun imagining this little corner with F&A beds in white, to show you how beautiful the sleeping - playing corner for children can be. 

Under the F bunk bed there is enough space to put a night shelf, or table, a few suitcases for personal belongings and little boxes for all the treasuries. We need them all, right?  Rafa-kids M shelf fits also perfectly next to the A teen bed. This will give an extra possibility to hang favourite jewellery, bag or softies, which your child would like to have around his/hers bed. 

Rafa-kids is known for a little yellow obsession, so that’s why you see
 it back in this cheerful and positive room.  We hope you like it as much as we do! 
 Rafa-kids inspiration for children sharing a room
Products on the pictures : 
S shelf and M shelf from Rafa-kids, Geometric pillows + rug - Ferm Living, Little Boxes - Hey. 

How to use space under F bunk bed from Rafa-kids
How to use space under F bunk bed from Rafa-kids