Friday, 19 February 2016

Smallable store in Paris

How many stores you know, that you would like to come back to from time to time and check what’s new in and get inspired ? Stores that look different from the rest and  offer an unique, in own style selection of products ? Well, not that many right ? 

I think, that next time I will be in Paris, I need to discover the brick and mortal freshly opened Smallable store. Looking at the picture made at the end of the last year, still with a bit festive, Christmas vibe, I think the atmosphere is very welcoming and cosy. A big step for a store which for 10 years was  ‘virtual only’ and now dare to create a new experience for their customers. We wish you a great success Smallable ! oh yes, we need to mention that Rafa-kids collection is also presented in the store! Well done. 
Thank you for inspiration! pictures from Instagram - smallable_store