Monday, 8 June 2015

Hanging chair in kids rooms

the best hanging chairs in kids rooms
hanging chair in kids room

It’s Monday again - time for good dose of inspiration for kids’ deco. 
Since a while I see hanging chairs here and there. It might be subconscious, since I wish to get one myself. I will be celebrating my birthday in few days and I secretly hope this wish to come true…
I really like the relaxed and casual look of the hanging chair in any home space. Perfect to hide for a quiet moment with a book or magazine. Such a personal territory, easy to create in a small or biger room. I think any child will love this playful and at the same time personal element in his/her room. 

Would you be happy to have one? 

the best hanging chair for your home
reading in hanging chair
boho kids room with hanging chair

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