Wednesday, 9 July 2014

rubber bands bracelets

rubber bands into bracelets
rainbow loom

Is "Rainbow Loom " one of the most popular toys in the world at the moment ? 
 Rainbow Loom is a plastic toy loom used to weave colorful rubber bands into bracelets and charms. It's totally addictive! The plague was brought to my home from school by my older son. Now we make together the loom bracelets and experiment with different patterns. It's fun! Kid's make bracelets for each other and it's absolutely cool for girls and for boys! Youtube if FULL of films with tutorials made by kids with millions of views! Are you get caught too ? 
Cheong Choon Ng

" Three years ago, Cheong Choon Ng two daughters—Teresa, then 12, and Michelle, then 9—were sitting in the family den making bracelets from rubber bands. The process reminded Ng, who grew up in Malaysia, of making jump ropes from rubber bands as a child. Hoping to impress his kids with his bracelet-weaving skills, he grabbed a few tiny elastic bands and tried to mesh them into a pattern. They were too small for his fingers, however so the engineer went to his garage and cobbled together a primitive loom, an old wooden board lined with rows of pushpins. With that, he began looping rubber bands into bracelets. At first his daughters weren’t impressed. But once they saw him weaving intricate patterns in breakneck speed, they changed their mind. It was Teresa who saw the potential for transforming this into a business when other kids in their Novi, Michigan neighborhood began obsessively playing with the looms Dad was assembling. That was when Ng decided to take a leap of faith—staking the $10,000 he managed to save for his daughters’ college fund on building a marketable product…"  read all history here : the-rubber-band-millionaire
celebrities with rubber band loom
photo's with kids via: rainbowloom