Saturday, 1 December 2012

my children Advent Calendar - family village

Last night I did with my boys our family and friends Advent Calendar
The idea is that we cut 23 houses and a church to be reached at the end of the 24  advent days. Each house belongs to someone close to us and under the paper door we wrote the names. Every day we are reminded of someone to think about and do something good for that person. If grandma lives far away (yes, she is), then we will make a cart to send to her, or we will call and say something nice. At the end of the road, we will go to a church and thank the baby Jezus, for all this people in our life. I found this idea on some Dutch website and I really like the message which is giving . 

We enjoyed so much making the houses together and talking about which house everybody gets, and what's special about their places…it was a great evening. I wish it will be more days like these this month. 

Welcome December. 

my 2 years old love to draw….

and 6 years old  cut and glue

houses of family and friends

Name hidden under the door for every day .
Do something good for that person.