Monday, 23 January 2012

Illustration - Iván Solbes

Today I want you to take to Madrid to see colorful and fresh illustration of Iván Solbes. He is an independent illustrator having already wide experience in graphic design for magazines, newspapers and advertising companies. Last year he published his first book, which you shouldn't miss! It is about how : " It's cool to be five" . I'm sure my son who is exactly this age will love this story and the powerful graphic. It is now available in Spanish, but I translated few texts of Jose Maria Mayorga, and I was laughing so much! 
" Imagination, creativity, enthusiasm, curiosity, optimism, confidence, energy…
this is your territory when you're 5 years old."  

 You are in a wonderful age, " the magic age" , it all starts with the things you say: 
 Ass! ha ha ha ha
Sometimes I have nightmares, and they give me a hard time. I dream that tiger will eat me. A monster chasing me full of skulls and toothbrushes. A white shark bites me in the guts" .
My parents say that nobody is going to hurt me but of course they think that monsters do not exist. 
I can climb a tree
 I know very well how to shock. One of the things I enjoy doing . 
and make funny voices
and ugly faces
yesterday I fell and I lost a tooth
I like to play with my father.
 I can throw a ball a long way.
That's it. Definitely cool to be 5 !

Thank you Iván for you e-mail. It was pleasure to discover your work.
 I cross my fingers for publications in other languages!