Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Movie – Alamar

For the ones living in Rotterdam, or close by, this week starts an open-air cinema, in the Museumpark. Here link: pleinbioscooprotterdam
On 28.08 this Sunday, 21.30 an amazing Mexican film Alamar (To The Sea) will be screened. I have seen it already on the IFFR where it won an Audience Award for Best Film. An extraordinarily beautiful film, which you will never forget! I had chance to see the author Pedro González-Rubio and listen his history about the film. It is an amazing story taking pleace at the sea. A young boy, Natan, goes on a journey with his father and grandfather. His father is a humble fisherman in Mexico, where he lives in the house on the water. They are not actors, they where filmed by a friend, who went with them too see how they spend their days surrounden by water… I don’t want to tell you the full story…just some photos. I wish my son could see it too…
don’t miss it.