Monday, 18 July 2011

Marimekko – new book Surrur.

 Marimekko turns 60 this  year and to celebrate the occassion, they have launched magnificent book cold Surrur. It is a guide - an introductory instruction to the secrets of craft ideas and Marimekko.  Surrur is the sound of a sewing machine, a bee and the brain processing new ideas. The joyful ideas come from Mari Savio and seven famous Marimekko designers, photographed by Kati Rapia .

What is Marimekko? The company was created during the international design revolution that came out of post war Helsinki, Finland. A woman named Armi Ratia with her husband Viljo joined other well known designers in interior, fashion, industrial and graphic design and architecture to create a new design aesthetic with clean lines, practical ingenuity and bold colourful patterns.

One  Marimekko pattern is legendary. / the one on the 1 photo/ Unikko was designed in 1964 by Maija Isola.  She had designed using nature as inspiration earlier in her career but decided to exaggerate the poppy flower design. It has become a pop icon.  You can find it in many forms....I want this book so much!!! ;-)
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in Netherland you can buy it here tas-ka