Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Crafty parents - Made by Joel

Today I want to present  :
Joel Henriques from Portland, OR, United States, to follow on his blog Made by Joel. here

Joel is an artist working in his studio at home. He is also a dad of twins, which are now 4 years old. The crafting story began for him with an old sewing machine which he got from his mom. Joel started to make simple toys for his children, and began to write his blog.....the process grew, and now, next to being widely recognised for his work, he is also having his own book published with inspiring ideas to do with kids.
Joel is sharing with people his simple and joyful concepts. Everybody can play with it home with their own kids, and have so much fun. I like it for its simplicity of materials and a great ideas.
Keep a good job, Joel, and Thank you!